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January 8, 2010

My friend and ITV’s communities expert, Ben Ayers, came to me for some headshots he can use for his various blogs and social media profiles. Whereas the bulk of my portrait work has been actor headshots for Spotlight or formal corporates of industry bigwigs, increasingly people who never would have been in the market for a professional portrait have started approaching me. In most cases they’ve decided that the iPhone photo of them slurping a Bacardi Breezer on their Facebook page doesn’t really cut it for the growing number of other applications where a profile photograph is expected. However, they don’t need the exhaustive shooting, proofing and retouching that actors and models do. So it’s given me an idea.

My shoot with Ben took an unrushed half-hour this lunchtime and I although I took a fraction of the number of frames that I would for an actor who trades off their 10×8 headshot and so needs that magic moment, I’ll be able to give him a good selection of photos to choose from and the turn-around time will be very quick. And given my central location, I’m in a good position to meet this new market with inexpensive shoots that could be done comfortably in a lunch hour. Could be fun.

Jan 8 - Ben Ayers

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